The Power of the Water

Millions of people suffer from lower back pain and joint pain. Being overweight, or suffering from obesity increases the pressure placed on your body. I commonly hear from my patients that exercise increases lower back or knee pain. Inactivity creates a vicious cycle of chronic pain and fatigue.  As I tell anyone that is willing to listen, you have everything to gain from exercising. Aquatic therapy can take the pressure off your joints and allow you to strengthen your muscles. Below are the many benefits of aquatic therapy: Water resistances exercise can strengthen muscles. The body’s natural buoyancy in water reduces the stress put on the body, particularly on the knees, legs and feet. Exercising in waist-deep water reduces your body weight by 50%. Neck-deep water reduces your body weight by 90%. Exercising in waist deep water minimizes the risk of falling. Aquatic exercises burn more calories compared to walking [...]