Welcome to Universal Spine and Joints Specialists

We are dedicated to creating an individualized plan for each patient we treat. We understand that you live with pain every day and we will help formulate a treatment plan to reduce this burden. Our ultimate goal is to reduce suffering and restore vitality with the following ideology:

    • First and foremost we believe in educating our patients, empowering you to make appropriate treatment choices and improving your quality of life. We want you to be an active advocate of your health.
    • Our plans utilize nutrition, physical therapy, aquatic therapy, exercise, medication management, life style modification, consulting colleagues, spinal cord stimulation, and fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided minimally invasive procedures.
    • We believe in a team effort and an open line of communication between our staff, other physicians involved in your care and most importantly you, the patient. Working together to understand how pain is limiting you, we will formulate a plan to meet your specific needs.

Our passion and dedication towards alleviating pain and helping our patient is the driving force behind our practice. At Universal Spine and Joints Specialists, we are constantly learning and innovating cutting edge technology in the treatment of chronic pain disorders to offer our patients the best care possible. Dr. Parekh is Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine, he has completed an ACGME Pain Fellowship under the tutelage of one of the founding fathers of pain medicine, Dr. Ramamurthy. Dr. Parekh has presented at multiple national conferences, numerous publications and is considered by many to be a leader and educator in the field of pain management.

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